St. Theresa’s 8th Grade Graduation

Tuesday was the 8th grade graduation for the students at St. Theresa’s in New Cumberland. After graduation, the students and families had a celebration which I created a cupcake tower and display for. The 230 cupcakes were displayed on a cupcake tower and my new display stands which I love.

Each class selects their class colors and flower. This year’s class selected orange as their class color.

The fleur de lis is the school’s symbol.

The tiger lily is the class flower.

Congratulations Class of 2010!


Winter Graduation Cake

Well, this past Saturday there was a major snow storm here. I think it snowed about 7 inches. I had a graduation cake for a party that day as well. With the major snow, I decided to put some snowflakes on the cake to commemorate the biggest snow of the year! The buttercream covered cake was carrot cake with honey cream cheese filling.

Non cake related…here are the boys in the snow that day. They also they went snowmobiling on the streets in our neighborhood!

Sam’s Graduation Cupcake Tower

This is a cupcake tower I did for a party last Saturday for Sam who graduated from Red Land High. She is an incredibly bright girl who will be attending NYU. She wanted to have the school color purple as her main color. Various shades of purple circles decorated each cupcake and the cake topper included the school logo. The cupcake flavors were nutty monkey, chocolate chocolate, chocolate oreo and vanilla vanilla.

Brittany’s Graduation

I had the pleasure of making cupcakes and a cake topper for Brittany who graduated from Camp Hill High School and also cosmetology school. Notice the little curler on the cake. Brittany also played softball and the paw print represents Camp Hill High. The cupcakes had grad caps and also circles with scissors embossed on them. The cake topper was chocolate cake with oreo buttercream filling and the cupcakes were vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and also nutty monkey.

I’m teaching another fondant cake decorating class tomorrow evening at the Cornerstone Cullinary Kitchen. The last one was so much fun, I’m sure tomorrow’s will be great too.

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have been so busy baking and decorating I finally had a chance to download photos from my camera.