ICES Cake Show 2010 in San Diego

Last weekend was the ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe) conference in San Diego. Cake designers and vendors from all over the world attended this annual conference. Attendees could participate in demos and classes taught by the best cake artists around.

This amazing display cake, which was about 20 feet tall, showcased landmarks in the San Diego area. It was huge. I can’t imagine how long it took to make it.

It was amazing meeting some of my favorite cake artists. Marina Sousa from Just Cake is demonstrating how to create a string of sugar beads. Yes…I bought the kit.

Mega famous sugar flower artist Nicholas Lodge shared tips of creating his beautiful flowers. I also got to meet Stephen Benison from England who is super amazing. I learned a lot as he demonstrated some of his sugar art techniques…yes I bought some of his supplies too 🙂

I got to meet Kerry Vincent. She is very pretty and nice too!

Here are some of my favorite cakes that were displayed by participants. There were submissions from around the world. I can’t imagine bringing any of these on an airplane.

Jacqueline Butler is one of my favorite sugar flower artists. She is so good.

Isn’t this pretty!

The show was very inspiring and getting to meet some of my favorite cake designers was the best!

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