Colin’s 6th Birthday

I had the pleasure of making Colin’s 6th birthday cake last week. Baseball theme…right up my alley! I also made cupcakes for his class and designed a topper for the cupcakes to match the baseball theme.

Here’s what his mom Tracy had to say:

Let’s just say, your cake and cupcakes were an absolute hit in Colin’s Kindergarten class as well as his party at home. Colin absolutely loved his baseball cake. For the first time in a while, I got to see the kid in my husband……I wish I had the video recorder on when he came home and saw Colin’s cake… husband’s exact words were “That’s an awesome cake!”

As for the taste of your cake, it was absolutely delicious. Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how good the peanut butter buttercream icing tasted, it was so smooth and silky. You did an incredible job on both the cupcakes and cake.

Thanks again for making my sons 6th birthday a very special day to remember.


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