Cake Decorating & Spa Party

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of doing a cake decorating party for an adorable young lady who turned 6. The party was at the Polished Day Spa in Lemoyne. Why at a day spa? In addition to the cake decorating, they all got mani and pedis…how nice!

I did a mini dessert table and cake for the party too. Chocolate dipped marshmallows, cupcakes, chocolate dipped pretzels and popcorn for the girls.

Custom water bottles to go with the spa & princess theme.

All the girls decorated their own crowns and necklaces before frosting and decorating their cakes.

So much fun working with fondant! Just like Play Dough…

It was a blast! We all had fun.

Polished Day Spa is the perfect place for your next girl night out and a great place for all your pre-wedding pampering. Make sure you check them out and their new hair cutting and styling services.

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