This Weekend’s Cake Show was so much fun!

This past Sunday, my friend Annie and I attended the National Capital Area Cake Show in Fairfax, VA. As a cake artist, I was in heaven with my credit card in hand to buy lots of new tools to make even more awesome cakes šŸ™‚ One of my very favorite cake designers is Anne Heap with Pink Cake Box in NJ. I love her style from whimsical to extremely elegant designs. I snuck a photo with her while she was teaching a class…she’s really sweet. Her cake won 1st place in the circus cake challenge…just awesome. Courtney Clark’s cake was also adorable. Anne was a recent winner on Amazing Cakes and Courtney has won on Food Network Challenges several times. Lots of cake challenge celebs including Norman Davis and Zane Beg and super talented Maria Sousa were on hand at the show… just a great getaway of shopping, staying at the Ritz and eating yummy food. By the way if you go to Tyson’s Corner or the DC area, check out Warren Brown’s Cake Love cupcake shop. His cupcakes use my same yummy frosting recipe. My favorite cupcake was the almond on vanilla cake.

For you TV cake junkies, Julie Bashore represented the House of Clarendon in Lancaster on the Amazing Cake’s challenge last night on TLC and won! Great job and congrats to Martine and his team at the House of Clarendon.

Anne Heap with Pink Cake Box. Winning Cake in the Circus Cake Challenge

Courtney Clark’s circus cake…really cute too!

Me with Anne Heap…I had to tell her how much I love her!

Zane Beg working on a cake in a challenge.

Norm Davis trying to out do Zane.

Entry in the haunted house challenge. Very well done.

This was a nice entry in the cake show.

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